Brought to you by the Aransas Pass Police Department

March 10, 2020

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Aransas Pass Civic Center

700 W. Wheeler Aransas Pass TX 78382

The number of high impact violent situations, including mass shootings, attacks using explosives and incendiary devices, vehicle-ramming attacks, mass stabbings, acid attacks, and group violence have substantially increased over the last decade.


To adequately prevent, prepare for, and manage extreme violence and the threat of violence, there is a need for the implementation and execution of proactive violence prevention efforts. This full day training is designed to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of those tasked with security and safety of others to implement effective strategies that are designed to prevent, detect, investigate, manage and resolve behavior that has generated concerns for safety and violence.

The training is designed to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of first responders and other professionals that are tasked with the security and safety of others.

This training is only open to active

  • Law Enforcement

  • Emergency Management Professionals

  • Public Safety Officers

  • Security Directors

  • Campus + School Safety Personnel 

  • School Resource Officers

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to rapidly recognize high risk situations, concerning behavior, and warning signs of impending violence

  • Enhance your ability to identify, assess, and manage the Threat of Targeted Attacks

  • Develop the necessary skills to form violence prevention teams to increase the use of a multidisciplinary team in threat management

  • Understand the link between mental health and intentional violence

  • Gain insight into the prevention and response to Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks​ (CCTAs)



As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Braun focused on integrative psychology and wellness. Post 9/11, Dr. Braun began to narrow his research and practice to understanding the causes of violence, the prevention and response to violence, and crisis psychology. As a Violence Prevention Specialist and Threat Management professional, he advises and trains educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporations, and government organizations in Violence Prevention Strategies, including Threat Management; Active Attacker Prevention and Response; Crisis Response; and Counterterrorism. Dr. Tau Braun’s epistemological, humanistic, systems-based approach offers a compassionate, scientific, optimistic, and mindful solution to complex issues.

In 2019, Dr. Braun provided testimony on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety to the
Texas Senate.  Dr. Braun regularly presents at global conferences, notably, FEMA Active Shooter Preparation for Higher Education, the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference, Master The Disaster, CBRAC Violence Prevention Symposium, the Preparedness Summit, INTERCEP Urgent Threat Forum, ACI-NA Airport Collaborative: Crisis Management Workshop, California Department of Public Health - EMSA Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop, Indiana Department of Education School Safety Training, Men in Nursing Conference, Solano County EMS Summit, Everbridge Global Security Operations Center Workshops, Bank Security Conference,  California Tactical Officers Association (CATO) Conference, and the ALERRT Conference.

Dr. Braun serves as an advisor to Safe and Sound Schools (A Sandy Hook Initiative), Firestorm's Crisis and Emergency Management Expert Council, the RANE Network, and Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association (MHSDA).

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